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Fall Prepper’s Kitchen Makeover
October 20, 2015
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Storage Sensations

One of the most exciting elements of redesigning kitchens and bathrooms is storage. There are numerous storage options on the internet and individuals are discovering new ones to post on a daily basis. Most all home owners are constantly searching for storage solutions to maximize space. There are all sorts of wonderful products on the market today to achieve this while retaining unique family tastes.

Sink Hide-A-Way

Under the sink is one solution to storage dilemmas. This idea works equally as well in bathrooms or kitchens. The installation of a sink cabinet offers several options for additional space. Slide out drawers and shelves are extremely popular choices. There are also expandable, customizable shelves designed to specifically fit under the sink and around the pipe work. Rack type wire or wood shelves can be installed on the inside of the sink cabinet doors as well.

Garbage Storage

Home owners who choose trash compactors often install those which coordinate with the rest of the cabinets. Those who still rely on trash can and liner methods are not left out. Pull out trash can cabinets are available to remove unsightly rubbish from direct view. It is actually pretty amazing how much bigger this one idea makes the kitchen look. Many individuals also believe it creates a cleaner appearance.

Caddy Corner

Corner drawers and spinning shelving are probably the absolute most popular storage solutions currently on the market. This type of resolution is not only convenient, it lends any kitchen or bathroom elegance and sophistication. This option was not available just a short time ago. Today’s designers and engineers take advantage of every nook and cranny possible. These cabinets are extremely handy as well as roomier. Due to the location of installation this type of cabinet and drawer is much deeper providing extra storage space that other styles do not offer.

Spot’s Hide-A-Way

Families with furry children try to accommodate for their companions. Fuzzy children, in most cases, own as many accessories as human children. Depending upon the species there are bowls; toys; leashes; little boxes; litter; food; and treats to keep up with. All of these items usually end up cluttering floor space. A cabinet just for the dog and/or cat accessories can be an excellent solution to this storage issue. A floor cabinet with a locking drawer below it can store animal food and water dishes which may simply be pulled out at dinner time. The cabinet itself may be lined with shelves and racks on the inside of the door to accommodate all of the other trillion accessories.

Spice Space

Most all kitchens contain some assortment of herbs and spices for cooking. Those who enjoy cooking generally have more than the average person. It is often difficult to find storage for these containers which is convenient. Spices and herbs should be easily accessible. Individuals who enjoy cooking on a daily basis should consider installing racks on the inside of all of the cabinet doors next to the stove and/or mixing areas. This is also an excellent idea for those who collect herbs to use as alternative medicines and teas. The ADI Designs crew is ready and waiting for your call and inquire about our cabinetry storage solutions.


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