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July 28, 2015
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October 20, 2015
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Fall Prepper’s Kitchen Makeover

Around the time of the Autumnal Equinox many home owners begin to think of preparing for the coming winter. This is an age old tradition that is still very much in use today, though it is not always for the same reasons as in the distant past. The kitchen has nearly always been the hearth and heart of the home, especially around the holidays. One excellent idea is to choose kitchen remodeling to transform the kitchen into a prep station. The wonderful world of cabinetry offers a plethora of inspirational ideas.

Preppers Pantry

Once upon a time no home was without a pantry which was fully stocked through the fall in preparation for the coming cold months. With the help of professional cabinet installation even the tiniest of kitchens may be redesigned to include a pantry. All this requires is a little imagination and the guidance of a cabinet specialist.

Face frame and frameless cabinets both offer a large number of options to create a functional kitchen pantry. The frameless design is without a frame providing additional storage space making this type a great choice for those who have limited space and/or tiny kitchens. Home owners with larger kitchens may opt for the face frame type cabinets instead. With the right professional guiding the journey pantry creation can be completed on a budget as well.

A wonderful example is the corner pantry. Ideally most individuals who have dreamed of a pantry envision it as a separate room off from the kitchen. With tight economies and even tighter budgets this may not be possible; however, this does not eliminate the idea all together. Contact a professional cabinetry company and ask about designing a corner pantry. The corner walls may be lined with both cabinets with and without doors and even drawers providing a great deal of space for storing staples.

Canning Station

It is kind of amusing that preparedness and homesteading are now trends. In the not so distant past preserving by canning, freezing, and drying were not only the norm, but essential to survival. These arts are once again becoming the norm as the world shifts and evolves. The above idea may be implemented with one side or just a corner dedicated to canning. Cabinets may be installed, as well as drawers, to be used to store canning supplies. Home owners who choose both can produce the can goods in the station and store them in the pantry.

The two examples above are only the tip of the iceberg. Call ADI Designs today to ask about cabinet installation anywhere in your home. Cabinets are useful in most rooms. They could be installed the basement to create a laundry room, home office, or craft room. The basement is also a great location for a family and no family room should be considered complete without a functioning kitchen stock with movie snacks.

Cabinets may installed to store linen in the hall area, inside or outside the bathroom, or in a large closet. There are so very many possibilities the only limit is your imagination and household budget. We can assist you with both aspects by cutting cost to maximize your dollar without sacrificing quality as well as present your family with numerous exciting design options. Call ADI Designs today and allow us to get started on your dream kitchen, bathroom, or home office.

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